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Gentle Storm summarize

Gentle Storm

– Abu-Hannah Umayya

  •  50 years old
  • Mother for one daughter
  • Birth in Israel

– Finland: Multicultural nation

  • New Finn thinking
  • Finns are racist but is not me
  • Overlooks immigrants
  • Speaks about human rights but doesn’t realize it

– No space for immigrants

  • They don’t fit our friendhood
  • Swedish minority lose status

– Immigrants haven’t place in finnish society

  • Hard to find own place in Finland
  • They don’t belong anywhere

– They can’t be citizen of Finland

  • They can be in paper, but behind Finns eyes they are always Immigrants
  • Result can be identity crise

– Immigrants who does not belong stereotypes are dangerous

  • That far you get help when you know your place

– Europa with 2 ideology

  • Another go back and search earlies tradiotions and religion
  • Another one accepted globalisation

– So if Europa is democratic, we have lot of work to do inside the countries.

  • How to threat minorities

triumphant = voitonriemuinen
purity = puhtaus
emphasis = painotus, korostus
villain = rikollinen, konna, roisto
embrace = tukea, hyväksyä /syleillä, halata
wholesome = terveellinen / tervehenkinen, järkevä

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